I was born in small town, called Międzychód located in the eastern part of Poland. As a young girl I have been looking for my path since I have discovered a power of pictures. Photography is my calling, I do believe. And the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday.

I never wants to be someone who takes predictable, boring photographs. I always photograph the way they make me feel.


I am a professional photographer specialising in fashion, portrait and advertising, based in London. My work has appeared in several fashion magazines, including Kaltblut, Flanelle, Elegant, Gmalour uk, Humble, Shuba.


- Shuba magazine, March 2020 - print issue 33 VOL. 2

- Humble magazine, March 2020 - web editorial 

- Elegant Magazine, February 2020 - print issue Fasion #9

- Forgein Look Magazine, January 2020 - web editorial

- Kaltblut, October 2019 - web editorial

- Flanelle, October 2019 - print issue 20

- Shuba, September 2019 - print issue 29, Vol.4

- Elegant, August 2019 - print issue (Fashion 3)

- Humble, August 2019 - web editorial

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