Professional photographer specialising in fashion, portrait and advertising, currently based in London but available world wide. 

My main goal is to bringing the brand’s or campaigns visionto life, and to deliver high-quality content that inspires and excites

I am working solo for small projects, very often at my studio doing product photography. Furthermore, I have a team of professional MUAs and stylists at hand for fashion photography. 

My work has appeared in several fashion magazines, including Kaltblut, Flanelle, Elegant, Gmalour uk, Humble, Shuba.


- Shuba magazine, March 2020 - print issue 33 VOL. 2

- Humble magazine, March 2020 - web editorial

- Elegant Magazine, February 2020 - print issue Fasion #9

- Forgein Look Magazine, January 2020 - web editorial

- Kaltblut, October 2019 - web editorial

- Flanelle, October 2019 - print issue 20

- Shuba, September 2019 - print issue 29, Vol.4

- Elegant, August 2019 - print issue (Fashion 3)

- Humble, August 2019 - web editorial


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